In case you missed our wine guide last week, you will have seen that we decided to be a little cheeky and pair the good old grape to some common fast foods. Our idea to combine the two were so tempting that we indeed decide to go one step further and create an infographic all around hot dogs and wine and fast food generally…

Yes, who knew that you could pair a hot dog with wine, or fried chicken? Well, we knew it because we are food lovers, fast food as well and we know how to make the two sing in unison. It’s a bit like being a customer of ours, you get an understanding of what team work can bring to the show and that’s what our infographic tries to show you.

We’ve kept it simple

With our new deli, The Yorkshire Deli opening soon, you may want to experiment with our metre long, that’s right, metre long pizza selections  and charcuterie to see how well wine does pair with pizza, especially the ones we’ll be making.

The other great thing about this infographic is; we’re aren’t trying to give you concrete rules, just some general pointers. We want you to go out there, play with the combinations, try different things and realise that you can have a cracking glass of wine with food of all sorts and not just limit yourself to soft drinks or beer… although we think that we have a beer infographic perfect for you as well.

Try something new 

As we’ve said, trying something new can be a great thing. Do you like krispy kreme donuts? Well why not have a glass of sherry with one, you’d be amazed how well it goes. What about a chocolate brownie? A shot of port that will bring out all the chocolate flavours.

Let us know what you think!