5 Reasons Why Leeds Is A Perfect Business City

Leeds has it all, from a quick drive to reach the countryside to a bustling city centre making it, we think one of the best business cities in the country.  Leeds has everything and as a catering business who does lots of corporate jobs across the whole city we have come to know and love […]

Places To Get Engaged This Christmas | Leeds | Yorkshire Catering Company

Christmas time is if anything, one of the most romantic times of the year to get engaged. In fact, it is one of the top 5 times of the year to get engaged as according to in 2018. Maybe it’s the fairy lights, the crisp winter air or even the one too many, we […]

Summer Dinner Party Title

How To Throw A Great Summer Dinner Party

Throwing the perfect summer dinner party can be one of the best and equally, more stressful times of the social calendar. For many, the summer holidays don’t really begin until the kids have left school and by our reckoning (and recent 4am wake up calls) that’s now!  Summer is rarely ever perfect on these shores, […]