Meet The Team

Filled With Experience

When it comes to catering for your event, you want to pick the right team. The team that know how to get the job done and to exceed all expectations. In short, you want The A-Team… Unlike the 1980’s hit show, we exclusively deal with event catering food! With a mixture of knowledge, experience and ideas, when you’ve been doing this for a combined 40 years, you better believe we know what we’re doing. 

Compromised of a crack team with time spent in global brands, foreign countries and local award winning establishments, it’s hard to not fall in love with us… even if more than a little bit. Together, we have fun, we practice common sense and enjoy discovering new ways of piecing together menus for each an every occasion. 

Discover more about us below. 


Leader & Children Rustler!

Alex is our leader! Fearless decision maker, entrepreneurial, driven and gastronome to boot! West Yorkshire born and bred, Alex has been a driving force of The Yorkshire Catering Company, there simply wouldn’t be a team without her. Having spent years in the corporate side of Asda, learning all about the food management process and how supermarkets work, a change was on the way. 

Alex began catering events from her garage and in a few short years built The Yorkshire Catering Company. Then there was the Yorkshire Deli and now, there’s The Mill… we’ll let you know more about The Mill in the not too distant future. A gastronome at heart, Alex has spent years learning about different cuisines, building her knowledge and qualifications in event catering as well as getting all the experience you could imagine for all types of events… seriously there are some events we can’t even talk about here. 

In what is a relatively short space of time, Alex has been recognised by the local business community and The Yorkshire Catering Company has picked up contracts with the NHS, HS2, Taylor Whimpey, Hunter’s Estate Agents, Total Fitness and many many more.

Alex is the head, the leader the person we turn to for inspiration and some good old chuckles along the way – which is really useful when you consider you will speak to Alex for your events, along with our Zowie; as Alex puts it, let’s put a face to the name and show people what the Yorkshire Catering Company can do! 

Alex Yorkshire Catering Company


Events Manager & Ferret Wrangler

Our Zowie! Where would we be without “our Zowie”? Well, we have a better sense of direction so that’s a good start, but Zowie is our chief organising officer – Events Manager to you and me. Wakefield lady born and bred, can talk for Yorkshire but… can listen for England. Having spent the last few years helping to build the Yorkshire Catering Company and The Yorkshire Deli, everyone loves our Zowie. 

Zowie has spent countless years in retail management, helping businesses to achieve great results as well as communicate to a wider audience. From knowing how to build window displays to making things run smoothly in stores and on site this range of experience and knowledge is something we’re privileged to have. This of course helps us and our customers get a sense of what is possible on a day as well as building great rapport with everyone that we speak to. 

Between coffees and a thousand things to do on a daily basis, our Zowie will regularly (daily) shame us all with a long run or spinning session before the sun even rises. We’re only telling you this because we think it’s impressive, and if someone with that energy was managing our event, we’d be more than happy to at least give her a call… 

Zowie Yorkshire Catering Company


Executive Chef & Willy Wonka of Mains

James is a Yorkshire boy through and through. His experience is something a little further afield. Bred in Yorkshire, he was attracted to the bright lights of… Rome. The eternal came calling, in fact, he is the only lad from Yorkshire who speaks Roman with an Ilkley accent. Italy to Adelaide, Australia back to Leeds and culinary college ensued. From here, James took off and worked up from line cook to Sous chef to assistant night sous chef in the Joey Restaurants Flagship, Joey Bentall One.

James then got the call… Phoenix! Here he ran his own sandwich company, Between Two Slices. Whilst out in the USA he was in invited to LA to open the first Joey location in California. A Ski season (or two) in the French Alps followed back with a call to come home, James has been crafting delicious dishes for our sister company The Yorkshire Deli at our Leeds Victoria location. 

His imagination and playfulness is something we love at The Yorkshire Catering Company. There are few with the eclectic style he has. That’s obviously why we love him! 


Venue Manager & Good Egg!

Kelly is one of the true good’uns that anyone can ask for. As manager of our sister company, the Yorkshire Deli, Kelly has been a steady and comforting hand during 2020… something we all need! Now, with our venue set to open in late 2021, Kelly will bringing that body of experience and steadiness to a venue location that is set to be home to great parties and fun times – in Kelly’s own words, “they are coming back, don’t worry!” 

For the last two years, Kelly – who originally joined as a part time deli assistant has gone to wrestling suppliers, training staff, sourcing new drinks and making new delicious bakes for all of our stores. It would be an understatement if we said that Kelly wasn’t one of our most trusted people! There is no task too big or too small that Kelly can’t undertake and when it comes to your event, her quick thinking and knowledge base gets all problems sorted. 

Like most of the team, our Kelly is a gastronome at heart! It doesn’t matter what the ingredient is, she loves to create new dishes, try new things and has no fear in proposing something different. When Kelly tells us that she loves her job, we get all warm inside because we love having Kelly at our side and your event would be better for it as well!

Kelly Yorkshire Catering Company


Venue Manager & Part Time Coder!

If James’ adventures were impressive, just you wait until you hear about our Kevin! Kevin was and… grew up in South Africa and if there were ever a man we could turn to when it comes to discussing braai, Kevin is our guy! With so many years spent in the country, Kevin saw first hand an exciting food and wine explosion in the country in the late nineties and early 2000s. It was the decade of the New World influx and Kevin who managed several bars and locations knows just how to pick the perfect wine menu. Genuinely, we’ve stopped playing “what’s this wine?” he’s too good! 

After several experiences in the Southern Hemisphere, Kevin came back to the family home and brought his knowledge and passion for the event management industry to local award winning pubs and restaurants – well they were after he started! Managing teams, training staff, getting people to try new wines, Kevin brings a passion that you need to be born with. 


Kev_Yorkshire Catering Company