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Hire Our Leeds Store

City-Centre venues are always high on the list for those looking to hire a location that has everything you could want and more. From easy to access on foot, car, and even train station to find a venue space that has enough options to make it the one-stop shop you and your event guests can thoroughly enjoy. 

Well, now you can with our Leeds city center venue. We can seat over 100 people in our space upstairs and to go with it, create an event menu for your day, whatever the occasion with our team of executive chefs and waiting staff – so you don’t have to worry about the food. 

And what about drinks you say? Our bar can do everything you throw at us, including cocktails, mocktails, spritz’s and anything else you’ve seen in the magazines. All of this in one space you can hire for the day/evening? Yes, it’s possible. 

Everything In One Place

Being able to house everything in one place is just the start. As part of the Victoria Arcade, our city-centre store, The Yorkshire Deli has become a local favourite. One thing we didn’t realise is just how much people wanted to rent a space like ours, in the heart of Leeds City-Centre to have a great time. 

Whether you’re looking to celebrate a special birthday, hold an event for a business get-together, a Christmas Party or, you wanted a place to get married and have everything in one location, our event space at Leeds Victoria Gate is the place to come. 

Why Hire The Yorkshire Deli, Leeds?

Over 100 Seats

We have over 100 seats in our Leeds City Centre location. The perfect event space to hire for the day in one of the UK’s most cosmopolitan cities. 

Gourmet Food

Your event deserves the very best and our team of executive chefs make our Leeds event space something that delivers every time. Gourmet food, no compromise. 

City Centre Location

Leeds City Centre is outside of our doors, but what else? Easy to access by road? Yes. Easy to access by train? Yes. Easy to access on foot? Yes. We are perfectly situated, whatever the event. 

Car Parking

We are part of the Victoria Gate, John Lewis complex. That means we have an easy and accessible multi-storey car park that everyone at the event can use if they come by car. 

Cocktails, Mocktails & More

When you hire our event space, you are getting a team qualified to satisfy your thirst-quenching needs, like beers, cocktails, mocktails and anything else in fashion, or even knock-up, an old-fashioned. 

An Independent Business

Now more than ever, supporting local, independent businesses matters. But that’s not why you should choose us. We believe our USP as an independent is that we can deliver your event, in our space, the way you want it. 

    So, what is stopping you from contacting us today?
    Like all good things from Yorkshire, we’re a little different, (actually, we're intentionally different) but that doesn’t stop us from being that little bit special as well. Why not take a look at the different events that we can cater and contact us today to get a professional and personalised quote.