Corporate Catering

Our Corporate Catering Service

We understand the importance of creating high impact corporate catering for your events, we are after all, a business like yours. From hospitality enclosures to large scale dining hall experiences, we understand that your corporate dining experience needs to match that of any occasion which you are hosting your work event.

That’s where we can help. We have years of experience in the corporate dining trade, as well as having an understanding from sitting on the other end of service, we know what a complete dining experience can do for a business event.


An Alternative Menu For Everyone

We see it as being able to provide something essential to our customers – and you know what, we absolutely love catering a vegan event


Think Banquet But... More!

Experience is the key in Table Sharing catering.  Luckily our team at The Yorkshire Catering Company have lots of it!


When We Finally Meet

Meze & Cicchetti are the perfect combinations for the light wedding feast or, scaled to be the ultimate in mediterranean delights.

Our Corporate Catering Approach

Corporate catering can cover off a myriad of things. Whether it is a business meeting to a full sit down end of the year meal. Whatever the event, your catering needs will be covered by a team of trusted experts that will take the time to create a menu and solution to your corporate catering needs.

Large Events

Large corporate catered events is just one of the different services that we can cater for. It is a mixture of planning the dining menu to the last detail and finding the most logistical outputs to ensure that you are covered for all eventualities during the evening.

We think around a whole host of different elements that ensure you’re well catered and looked after during your event.

A large event is traditionally a group that is over 100 people, and we experience in delivering results in a host of venues that specifically want something just that little bit different. That’s important to us because, we may be a proud Yorkshire catering firm but we’re always looking far and wide to find inspiration for our catering solutions. We want your event to be a success, it can only be that, if we do something that we know will not only work but will also make your guests take note of the quality of the evening; that for us, starts with food.

We have a range of solutions and packages for your large corporate events but our method is simple; we get to understand you, your goals, your ambitions and your business event itself. From there, we tailor and create the kind of solution that will give the best outcome to your evening event itself.

    So, what is stopping you from contacting us today?
    Like all good things from Yorkshire, we’re a little different, (actually, we're intentionally different) but that doesn’t stop us from being that little bit special as well. Why not take a look at the different events that we can cater and contact us today to get a professional and personalised quote.

    Corporate Dinners

    Corporate dinners can be slightly more intimate affairs which could be the company only, or a client, or group of clients are invited to offices or a location where there is a dining event taking place.

    These dinners then require both attention to detail and discretion in part; they can take place in multiple locations dependent on what is required and the number of people that are going to be at the event all done with the maximum attention to detail and professionalism that you would want to represent your corporate dining affairs in the right light. 

    Our years of knowledge and experience as well as a menu that looks at the individual needs and hosting requirements means that we are on hand to ensure that whatever the need for the event, we have the knowledge and expertise to get through the event and menu selections without the stress a corporate dining affair can bring.

    So what would a corporate dining menu look like?

    From finger foods and canapés to sit down meals with Yorkshire puddings or refined plates of food, whatever it is you’re looking for, we can tailor the menu and the dining experience to make sure that you can work stress free on the day.


    A Taste Of Authentic Spain

    Our passion for tapas stems from the years we have spent in catering for different tastes and different events. A spectacular sight for your wedding.


    Think Banquet But... More!

    A good paella, sorry, a great paella is about planning and understanding your palate. Experience is key in this perfect dish, and we have bags of it.


    They Can Be Upmarket Events

    From high quality cocktail receptions, black tie affairs, weddings and of course birthdays, do something different with BBQ!

    Why Choose The Yorkshire Catering Company?

    We believe that your wedding day is a truly special event; months of planning go into creating the thing you may have dreamt of since you were very young, and we also believe that, your food should be as much a talking point as the dress or decorations.

    That’s why we spend time working with you to get the catered for wedding food and wedding service that you deserve. Our job is to make your day special for all the right reasons. Our team will work hand in hand to produce the catered wedding event that reflects your style and tastes with the overall look and feel of your special day.