Our Paella Offering

We understand that cooking paella isn’t just about the food; it’s a spectacular party piece and a great communal dish. It’s one of those dishes that when its done right, you will remember for a very long time and we’re proud to say that it is something we’ve spent a long time learning, training on and perfecting. You can’t cut corners with a paella, it requires a passion for food and an articulated knowledge of knowing how to showcase this party showstopper that will make all the difference to your event.

Why choose the Yorkshire Catering Company for Paella?

A good paella, sorry, a great paella is about planning and understanding your palette. Experience is key in this perfect dish, and we have bags of it.

We also offer tastings which offer a great opportunity to not only try the food you’re thinking of having but talk through your catering plans.

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Why Choose The Yorkshire Catering Company?

Whether you want a hot or cold food selection, we at the Yorkshire Catering Company can find the solution that works for you. Our approach is simple and will take out all the guess work of your catered event requirements.

We understand that choosing the right menu takes time, patience and you need to feel comfortable with the people that are doing the catering for you. We at The Yorkshire Catering Company want you to feel at ease throughout the whole process that’s why we always recommend that you get in touch and discuss your requirements with us before committing to your menu choices.