3 Course Wedding Menu

Our 3 Course Wedding Menu

Your wedding is a special day, and your catering needs to match it – that’s why our 3 course Wedding Menu is one of the most popular and sought after in the whole of West Yorkshire. We have teamed up with incredible local suppliers, worked with our executive chefs over the last 4 years to create new and exciting menus that get you wanting to push your wedding closer so you can try our food and have ever-lasting food memories. 

FOMFO – Fear Of Missing Food Out, it’s common and our 3 course menu does everything to address this. Starters, Mains and Desserts come together in a way that gets beautifully paired with champagne breakfasts and banquet food later in the evening.  

Our ideas are designed to bring you the menu you want, and the peace of mind to go with it.


Avoid A Stuffy Sit Down

A great wedding buffet is about planning and understanding your palate. Experience is key in this perfect dish, and we have bags of it.


Think Banquet But... More!

Experience is the key in Table Sharing catering.  Luckily our team at The Yorkshire Catering Company have lots of it!


When We Finally Meet

Meze & Cicchetti are the perfect combinations for the light wedding feast or, scaled to be the ultimate in mediterranean delights.

Why Choose a 3 Course Wedding Menu?

Your wedding menu needs to hold some little secrets. It has to reflect a little of who you are, what your guests are looking for and what you actually want to eat on the day. That’s why the 3 course menu is something that quenches the appetite of our customers – there’s a little something for everyone. 

Our sharing tables are great for those that want a huge community feel and our paella and mezze are fantastic for getting people talking at events. The 3 course wedding menu though is about catering something different, something unique. 

Together with our executive chef and suppliers – a little more about them in a second, we can build the kind of three course menu that gets you excited. The kind of three course menu that you will remember. The kind of three course menu that will please everyone, from young to old. 

It's about creativity and partnerships

The key to a great 3 course wedding menu is about having bags of creativity, knowing what you want and giving you something that is a little bit of a twist. Yes, you can have lots of the same things wherever you go, but the little touches, the things that make a dish truly special require more than a pinch of talent, they require a good think and a seasoned touch. 

That’s why we believe that when it comes to our event catering options, we can create something that rings truly incredible creativity thanks to our team of executive chefs. James and his team work with local producers, consume books on art, science and even film to be inspired with dishes that will not be forgotten. 

Local producers, who can say what their animal has eaten, how the food has been grown, where they are even churning their milk for the luxurious cheese – it all makes the difference. We are cultural curators when it comes down to it, so why shouldn’t our food show that?

A 3 Course Sample Menu Idea(s)

Starter samples

Sharing mezze platter for the table, including meats/ antipasti/ homemade breads/ oils & balsamic. Great way to get your table talking!

Trio of homemade pates (smoked salmon, chicken liver & port & roasted beetroot) served with toasted sourdough & proper butter 

Main samples

Binks butchers Yorkshire Sirloin, Yorkshire pork, Yorkshire chicken or Vegan Mushroom pot pie served with roast potatoes, Yorkshire pud, Carrot, swede, gravy & choice of greens 

Prosciutto wrapped chicken breast, pan fried cod portion or roast vegetable filo parcel served with dauphinoise potatoes, rich cream sauce and your choice of greens 

Dessert samples

Trio of desserts ( Homemade mini Eaton mess, lemon cheesecake & brownie) served with fresh cream 

Homemade sticky toffee pudding served with ice cream or custard

Milk fudge tart served with chantilly cream

    So, what is stopping you from contacting us today?
    Like all good things from Yorkshire, we’re a little different, (actually, we're intentionally different) but that doesn’t stop us from being that little bit special as well. Why not take a look at the different events that we can cater and contact us today to get a professional and personalised quote.

    How To Choose Your 3 Course Wedding Menu Caterer

    When it comes to choosing your 3 course menu caterer we think that there are some basic rules; 

    Do they have experience as a caterer?
    We’ve catered everything from weddings to animal naming ceremonies. From working with businesses through to individuals, we have more than 10 years experience in crafting and creating exciting menus for all sorts of events. There are few that have as much variety and insight into what we have catered for over the years.

    Will they take the time to know our preferences?

    Not only will we take time to learn about your preferences, we will get you in to try new dishes, and sample your 3 course menu before making any decision. We believe that this should be the start of the working relationship, especially for your wedding day. What we want to do is cater something truly special and make sure that every ingredient is perfect for your day.

    What if we want to mix menus?
    Your 3 course menu is something that we work with as your main event menu. However, on a day, when it could last well into the evening, we can come up with some ideas to cater late evening or even the champagne breakfast. 

    Can our caterers work to specific budgets?
    Of course we can. Whether you have a total set budget or one that is based on a menu calculation per head, we can work with you to identify clever ways to budget around your 3 course wedding menu.