Corporate Dinners

Our Corporate Dinner Package

Creating the perfect corporate dinners package for your business is something that we love doing at the Yorkshire Catering Company. After all, we too are a business and we understand just how important it is to have the right kind of menu, ideas and space to make these events work. It’s more than just a simple buffet, it’s about bringing together people to discuss the kinds of things that can improve, challenge and shape your business for years to come and we believe that the best conversations start around the dinner table – which is why our corporate dinners package is the perfect starting place for your business. 


A Taste Of Authentic Spain

Our passion for tapas stems from the years we have spent in catering for different tastes and different events. A spectacular sight for your wedding.


Think Banquet But... More!

A good paella, sorry, a great paella is about planning and understanding your palette. Experience is key in this perfect dish, and we have bags of it.


They Can Be Upmarket Events

From high quality cocktail receptions, black tie affairs, weddings and of course birthdays, do something different with BBQ!

What's in The Corporate Dinners Package?

Corporate dinners are the grand events for many businesses. Whether it is once a quarter or once every blue moon, they are the best way to showcase your business and your people to clients and businesses in your respective fields. 

That’s why our corporate dinners are packed with interesting ideas and suggestions designed to let you sit back, relax and focus on what’s important which is, your business. At The Yorkshire Catering Company, the important thing for us is getting to know who you are, what motivates you and what gets you interested about food. For some, food is just there to be had, but for others is a connection with memories, places and people. Businesses thrive on the ideas of their teams and the connections made with clients as well, that’s why 

Our process is simple. We meet you, we talk about what you like, what kind of service you want and then, at our deli, The Yorkshire Deli you get to sample some of the ideas we have that will be perfect for your corporate dinners catering needs.

Show Off Your Business Whilst We Take Care of The Food

Whether you are traditional and enjoy a full sit down service, or whether you want something that tells the story of your business, your way, we think that choice is essential, so we like to break some things down and take it from there.

We don’t provide restrictive menus, we come up with bespoke solutions that suit your needs. Having catered for businesses across South & West Yorkshire for some time, from Wakefield to Barnsley, Sheffield to Leeds, we have an idea of the many different styles and settings and we are always happy to provide a few pointers if you are still unsure about how to make it work for your corporate event.


Why Choose The Yorkshire Catering Company?

We believe that your corporate dinner event has all the hallmarks of being something that you will remember for years to come.  It’s why we say that your food should be as much a talking point as what is discussed on the day.

We will spend the time with you to not only create a menu that works for you and your guests but also, not so much time that you forget to do the important part of running your business which is, running your business. We understand this as a business ourselves. We know that time is precious which is why we have a system of getting to know what you want quickly and then creating that magic for you and your guests. 

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