Whether it is sweet or savoury, the idea that National Pie Week is just one week is astonishing because we all know, a pie is for life, not just a national week to celebrate it. Whether you are a meat and potato bake or a vegetarian variety, there is a pie for everyone.

What makes pies so unique is that they are unashamedly fun to make and even more fun to eat. There are few nations that like a savoury pie like ourselves. Think about it, you get a whole meal encrusted into one self serving dish. The sweet varieties are more common across the world, I mean, who doesn’t love apple pie and custard? Rhubarb and cream? We do, like most of you as well.

corporate pie

The national recognition has been running for the last 11 years and we want to showcase when a pie is more than a pie. Yes, we want to talk to you about all the great times this national dish, along with fish and chips and the best roast dinners come into play. In what started as an ode to the pie maker, and to sell more pastry, British Pie Week is a festival. There are over 600 varieties now judged in the UK and there are so many sites with the best to eat places that we really are spoilt for choice here in the UK.

Back to our list however. We are going to showcase the different, creative ways that you can enjoy this truly magnificent dish for any occasion.

Wedding pies
One of the big changes in recent years was the introduction of pies to the wedding day. Yes, wedding days are grand affaires but did you realise that the “wedding pie” is one of the most favoured food menu items in the last three years?

More and more people want to sample different flavours or have the option to give their guests a different taste to the normal wedding selections. Well, pies are your friends. Why? “Pies can cater large groups really well, they can give you several options as well as being fun, and memorable for the day.” Alex Lawlor, Chef and proprietor of The Yorkshire Catering Company.

Think, you can serve 100 people the same menu, or you can give them an option, which even includes a vegetarian & vegan variety and add to that fresh greens, mash potato and you have a different way of looking at your menu all together.

Wedding pie desserts!

Wedding Pie desserts
Photo by: Cluney Photo

Continuing with the theme of weddings and pies, have you ever seen anything like a wedding dessert trolley that is made from sweet pies? Didn’t think so! It makes complete sense to bring together lots of different sweet flavours, or just a selection to match the occasion.

They don’t all have to be big either, this great picture, famous across the wedding scene is a great idea generator for a pie trolley at a wedding or even corporate event.

Corporate Events
Pies are so versatile that even in a corporate environment, they can be served to a high standard plus, they are a great ice breaker to talk to people. Imagine, you are sat with the boss or colleagues you never really see or meet and instead a chicken or vegetarian lasagne you all have pies… Sounds fun right? That’s the point, food should not only be good, but it should also break down barriers at any dinner table.

A great new trend is having pie stands or stalls and just like at a good rugby or football match, people can come across and collect a pie and have a meal. Unfortunately, there is no chanting.

Much like the wedding and corporate catering, birthdays can also have a special place for a good old pie element. Whether it is sweet or savoury varieties, pies at birthdays have a way of making this simple, yet delicious at the same time.

Sharing pies, such as larger bakes are great for a birthday treat as well and individual ones for larger birthday parties as well. Remember, what you want to do for any of these events is look to cater for as wide a variety of people and pies give you that option with a certain ease.

At the Yorkshire Catering Company we can cater for all of your pie needs, as well as other catering needs as well. Why not drop us a line and see how we can cater for your event.

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