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Wedding planning
As you can probably tell, we love weddings, we love catering for them and we love helping people along the way so what better way to spread the love that an infographic all about how to ‘plan your wedding’. Our guide in how to plan your wedding is pretty simple, as you can already see...
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wedding catering movies
When you’re looking to get married, it’s amazing where you can draw inspiration from; magazines, the internet, TV and of course, the movies! We all have our favourites, one’s that stick in your mind and make you laugh, others that bring that tear of joy at some of the more beautiful love struck moments. So...
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Wedding Menu
When it comes to selecting your wedding menu there are so many things that you need to start considering. From your venue to massive dietary requirements, our tips can help you avoid some of the common mistakes. More and more couples are becoming self-proclaimed food lovers. We know, we have a number here at the...
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