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When you’re looking to get married, it’s amazing where you can draw inspiration from; magazines, the internet, TV and of course, the movies! We all have our favourites, one’s that stick in your mind and make you laugh, others that bring that tear of joy at some of the more beautiful love struck moments.

So naturally, when we were thinking of wedding movies, or moreover movies with weddings, we thought, which are the ones that stood out for us. Don’t get us wrong, these are just purely some of our favourites and yes, our first choice wouldn’t be everyone’s but trust us when we say this, it is a heck of a good movie wedding.

Take a look at our choices and let us know what you think should be on our wedding movie list, enjoy!

The Godfather
Well, if there is one nationality that knows how to throw a feast, whether it be humble or glamorous, it is the Italians. In the case of Vito Corleone, nothing brought greater joy than that of his daughter, Connie getting married at the start in the first of the three Godfather films. Between the glamorous shots of the Long Island residence there is a smorgasbord of delights. There are more plates of prosciutto, ham and pasta than you can shake your fist at. There is bread, breadsticks and even subtle nods to entrés that pass in each sweeping shots.

The Godfather has two marriage scenes, later in the film Vito’s youngest son, Michael gets married to a Sicilian beauty called Appolonia; again a feast of pasta and wine awaits.

My Best Friend’s Wedding
Picture the scene, you’re a food critic that made a promise to someone that you would be a backup wife if neither of you were to get married before 30. The other person calls on your birthday, you think its about that promise, instead it’s about him getting married. Queue, a lie about being engaged to a flamboyant (and in this case, gay best friend). This was a Julia Roberts timeless piece and tugs at all of our emotive core. Rupert Everett, who plays the best friend confidently acts the role of love muse whilst, turning a whole restaurant into a singing chorus of “I Say A Little Prayer”.

Of course the scene is made even more interesting for the fact that they are at a Lobster shack and, because of Roberts’ character being a food critic, you are never that far away from a golden food moment or pun.

This is all about the delicate art of planning and how a bridesmaid, or Maid of Honour should definitely not bring the bride or other party members to a backstreet restaurant before deciding on a dress. The next scene is comedy gold and the writer/actor, Kristen Wigg was even reluctant to keep this in the film until producers pleaded with her to make sure it made the final cut.

If you’re planning a bridal party/dress reconnaissance, you may want to plan ahead for your dining options as well.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding
If there is one nation that could dethrone the Italians for eating, dancing and playing the bazouki, it is Greece. The hit of 90s cult movies, My Big Fat Greek Wedding is the hit that keeps on giving and the “meet the family scene” is one of the best in culture, food and that nerve wracking moment when you have to meet the family that you’re marrying into. Roll on the full on buffet, ouzo and plate wrecking along with some of the best lines you’ll ever hear in film history… “He don’t eat no meat? That’s ok, I make lamb”

Father of the Bride
Not all films are great remakes, Ghostbusters anyone? But the 90s version of Father of the Bride stands the test of time with its snappy one liners, plays on physical humour and of course, the mad dashed, crazy wedding scene at the end. What makes this stand out though are actors, Steve Martin and Martin Sheen playing verbal, physical and rib tickling ping pong. Franck Eggelhoffer (Sheen) is a wedding planner with a unique way of providing ideas whilst, George Banks (Martin) is more your straight talking kind of dad; their introduction and subsequent talks about wedding cakes are the things most Father’s of the bride dare not get involved with.

We’ll leave you with this peach though from the archives of great movie lines, and no, you’re crying…

“I realized at that moment, that I was never going to come home again and see Annie at the top of the stairs, that I’d never see her again at our breakfast table in her nightgown and socks. I suddenly realized what was happening: Annie was all grown up and leaving us. Something inside began to hurt.”

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