Party Food Ranked

It’s officially party season, and we know this because the summer treat that gets it all started was Eurovision; and by the looks of it, party food was there to be had by everyone. Yes, you know that when you enter party season you need to be prepared and so, over the next five days we will give you our rundown of the perfect party food and why, in our eyes it’s the best.

Whether you are hosting a birthday, a christening, a home spun wedding or just having friends round, having a little bit of our knowledge can take you a long way to getting the menu just right. We asked our team what they thought, and they had some interesting views!

So let’s start at number 5, and it has to be the timeless classic, sandwiches.

What do the experts say?

“Sandwiches are easy, fun, and can literally be anything as long as you have a little bit of imagination. Just think, from the bread selection to something as simple as the right kind of conserves that go with them, you can easily scale up a load of sandwiches in very quick succession, and without needing too many things to do it either.

We love to piece together speciality meats and cheeses with some extra dipping sauces as it really brings out the flavours of everything that we put into the creations that we make.”

“The perfect party food if there were only one to choose from! You can really create simple selections to more exotic mixes using a wide range of ingredients. If you want to be extra special with your sandwich party selection, invest in jams and spreads that match perfectly with the selections and don’t be scared to try hot sandwiches too!”

Having a hot sandwich bar for your party catering is a must! Grilled cheese sandwiches to something like Philly steak sandwich is something you won’t have often but just imagine entertaining all of your guests with this great party food and then having the showstopper with something like that? It’s a great way to get people talking and mixing together, the food becomes the centre stage, even if for a little bit of time!”

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