Summer Soiree
Let’s face it good people of Wakefield and beyond, we’ve had a pretty terrific summer. I mean, the glorious weather is 90% of the reason but yes, there is also a little shop opening that we did for our sister business, the Yorkshire Deli just last week. If you haven’t been and want meter long...
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Food quotes
If, like us you needed a big cup of coffee and some early weekday motivation then fear not, we’ve got the tonic for just what you need, quotes to get you ready for the day and the week. But what makes quotes so memorable? They need to resonate, we need to take our own meaning...
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Well, this is awkward… after all, we are a catering company and writing something about how to hire us can seem a little strange if not, self indulgent. Don’t worry, that wasn’t and isn’t our aim. No, our aim is for something completely different. We actually want to help you make the decision for how...
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