If there is one thing that makes people panic about a Christmas party, it’s the food! From having to create a menu that pleases the fussiest of eaters through to picking something that is even remotely seasonal, it’s easy to get bogged down with the same tried and tested routine.

Luckily, we have a few suggestions being a catering company and we know that there are a few things that you can do differently to create a taste sensation for your Christmas party festivities.

Let’s take a closer look at the kinds of things we would put on a menu.

Crostini & Meze
We have two for one here, but you’ll quickly see why. Crostini are tiny bruschetta, simple as that. They have so much versatility as a party food, let alone for Christmas fayre. However, what makes them so good for a Christmas party, whether at home or whether it is catered, is that they can be prepared in advance and you can make quite a lot with little effort.

Meze is just another form of perfect finger foods and coupled with crostini make a Christmas party menu versatile and full of different options. Get the charcuterie prepared that day and serve with crusty toasted bread, absolute winner.

Pastry – Lots of it!
From mini sausage rolls to luxurious pies and bakes. Whether you are sitting down or having a buffet, there is nothing better than a well prepared selection of pies and pastry. The best thing with this kind of selection is that you can cater for lots of different tastes and for dietary requirements. From a vegan menu through to pure carnivore, what more could you wish for in a room full of hungry Christmas celebration goers!

Mix up flavours and create stunning bakes that celebrate seasonal produce. From cranberries and wild mushrooms through to venison and pigeon breast, there is so much to choose from. Stay traditional with a sausage roll and add unique flavours to lift the selection if you wish! Either way, you can’t go wrong with this Christmas Party pleaser.

sausage rolls Christmas party

Seafood platter
A Christmas Party menu without seafood is sacrilege to many. It’s a perfect time to try new and exciting flavours, something with a kick or to mix up some traditional dishes like the ever infamous prawn cocktail! Elevate this dish by deconstructing it somewhat, serve with massive iceberg lettuces and big, luscious grilled prawns. Make the cocktail a bloody mary and stand back to see your work go down a treat with guests.

What about trout or salmon? We’re a Yorkshire catering company so we have been known to serve these ingredients in fluffy, large Yorkshire puddings. This from Jamie Oliver for example is a perfect way to try this at home!

Christmas Party Trout

Panettone or Pandoro
Looking for the perfect dessert? Head to Italy with their bounty of panettone and pandoro. Serve sliced and diced, get a pot of luxurious homemade custard or a brandy sauce and enjoy.

Pandoro is great served toasted and with a spread of hazelnut chocolate spread, whilst panettone can be enjoyed by itself along with other treats. Don’t skimp on quality, it really matters for a great panettone!

A damn fine cocktail
Finally, no Christmas party would be complete without a damn fine cocktail. You could go for a gin and tonic, but how about trying something just a little bit different?

Our Christmas drink, one that packs a fine punch is the classical negroni! Campari, vermouth and gin, it tastes of Christmas with that orange peel and looks like Christmas with its deep red colour. Don’t want gin? Have a negroni sbagliato – an incorrect negroni – instead of gin, they use prosecco… yes prosecco!


Looking for a last minute Christmas caterer? Give us a call today to see if we can fit you in for this years festivities!