Whether it’s a special first birthday to something a little bigger, we all know that getting together with friends and family is both a great way to celebrate but it can also be a little stressful. Whether it is choosing a venue or deciding to cater something at home, it all takes time, money and then hoping that it all goes to plan.

If there is one thing we know, it is how to cater for a birthday celebration. We’ve spent years doing them and we understand that whilst we can’t be in charge of the fun for the evening, we know how to get the birthday catering spot on!

Over the years we have, as you can imagine, found some interesting and different ways to cater for birthday parties. Looking for something different yourself? Here are some ideas to get the show started for a catered birthday party!

Meze, cicchetti or table sharing for your birthday

When it comes to something a little more traditional, we know that the buffet has always been a preferred choice, from first birthdays to a hundreth. Yes, we all fear cold chicken legs!
But there is a new way. Welcome to our Meze & Cicchetti or table sharing options. They have the feel of the buffet but in a slightly different way. Whilst more commonly associated with wedding catering the idea passes beautifully into something that has a more personal touch for a birthday.

Meze and cicchetti are small bites that have a taste of the med and western asia in bites sure to make you ooh and ahh over each dish that is served. The later, is more of a formal setting, maybe a big birthday celebration where you have guests that are expecting a feast. Well, here the difference is, everyone around the table gets to either grab as much or as little as they want from the platter placed in the middle or alternatively, someone gets to act like mum or dad and serve other guests at the table a portion.

These are fun, simple options for a great celebration!

American inspired
Some of the requests we’ve had in the last year has been all around American inspired dishes. The brief is then, how can we make this happen? Well we start with burgers!

Burgers are a great party food but a lot needs doing on the day so we advised on something a little different. Hot about hot dogs! These are great to prepare in advance and the beauty of a hot dog is you can really mix it up with a birthday celebration. Homemade chilli can be added for chilli dogs whilst great toppings that include onions, gherkins, pickles or just smoky sauces as well as mustard keeps things really interesting.

Add to the American experience with fried chicken (yes, really), mighty big salads and freshly made coleslaws and even corn on the cob. And what about dessert? New York style cheesecake? Cookie creations? A smorgasbord of donuts? Well these are all things that we can provide as well!

Paella time!
Want to really throw the boat out and have something truly different for a birthday celebration? What about paella! We don’t mean just a simple bowl, we mean something cooked, in front of your eyes in a huge paella pan that requires a touch of skill and clear understanding of making it work.

From the spectacle of seeing it created to then dishing out, you can have a great party with this as your centrepiece item as well as throwing in a good glass of wine or sangria to keep guests happy and entertained.

The Spanish theme doesn’t need to end here, Spanish birthday cakes are full of zesty orange flavours as well as beautiful chocolate coatings, enough to make you want to continue celebrating your birthday for more days to come!