With more people spending time in the office, it’s no wonder that recent studies have shown that office workers in the UK consume over half their daily calorie intake whilst getting on with their day to day duties. One of the big culprits is the meeting room, where cups of tea are brought in followed by tray upon tray of biscuits…

But, is there any way to make the meeting room a healthy and good spot to have a good catered lunch and meeting wrapped into one? Of course, there is, here are some tips to make your workplace meetings a healthier one.

1) Avoid snacks or meals unless it is completely necessary

This is counter-intuitive to many, and for a caterer to say it, even more so, but let’s be honest about short meetings, they are a great place to bring in some very sugary snacks and binge on things we wouldn’t usually have. Simple trick, if the meeting is under an hour, you don’t need anything other than a hot drink or water.

2) Offer healthier snack options

From dried fruits to fresh ones and even servings of nuts, berries and trail mix can make for a great healthy snack option. Office catering, even at a basic level needs to be about providing staff with healthy options so that there is a positive effect on the team rather than something which can cause harm over time.

3) Plan your meeting order beforehand

Whilst many businesses get the sandwich order in just a few hours before clients arrive, great planning can mean that you have a selection of food that is suitable for the event itself. Having a sandwich board with beautifully prepared food is a treat for many, but make sure that there are options for all dietary requirements and some leaner options too, like a meze platter which cuts the carbs and promotes ethical and sustainable meat sourcing as well.

4) Build a relationship with your local caterer

One of the benefits of developing a relationship with your local caterer is that when you have a meeting platter that is perfect for most of your clients and your team, you can put in orders with peace of mind to heart. But a good local caterer (cough, cough) will also know how to organise the food delivery and what kinds of new things you may want to try over time in accordance with the tastes and styles you prefer.

5) Build in activity breaks in the office

Sitting for longs periods of time is one of the biggest causes of heart disease in the UK. Following guidelines as set out by the British Heart Foundation, getting a 5-minute break every hour to stretch your legs is essential to good heart health. There may come a point where in longer meetings you need to get up and move, if that’s the case call a few minutes break and take the time to look after your body in a simple and quick walk to get the blood flowing in your muscles.

Good and healthy corporate catering is about being prepared and having the team around you to prepare good selections when clients turn up, or when the staff need a good treat for all the hard work. If you’re looking for a conscientious corporate caterer, look no further than the Yorkshire Catering Company. Drop Zoe or Alex a line to see how we can help you make office catering fun, and healthy!