For many, the thought of throwing a tea party is something that we don’t contemplate after reaching a certain age. However, thanks to films, the internet and yes, social media, Afternoon Tea is as popular as ever.

If you’ve become overwhelmed however with the idea that a Tea Party is about British gentry or scenes from a Lewis Carroll novel, fear not, this is not Alice in Wonderland, you have nothing to worry about. Yes, there is a certain element of tradition that takes place but you need not be bogged down from throwing an event that really lets you have lots of fun at the same time.

Suitable for many different types of celebrations, a tea party can be the perfect event for a birthday, baby shower or even corporate party with a twist. Why? Because a tea party allows you to sit, chat and catch up without having to worry about making food on the spot… everything is done beforehand.

It’s the perfect sit down and talk event done in a formal and relaxed method. Whether it is just a handful of people or a large group, remember this is meant to be a relaxed event. Here are some tips to throwing a tea party.

Send out invites
Naturally, for people to turn up, you need to tell them when it is. The form of invite can be something very casual, even in a whatsapp group message but, why not consider doing something a little more fun. Hand-written cards are a great idea but add some drama and include a tea bag in the invite that way your guests have some clue as to what to expect.

Things like tea pots, cups, serving trays and cake stands should all be rented or bought before hand. Caterers like ourselves can supply these very items (and we’ll get to food in a short time) but you can go out and rent them as well. Simple white china will do, or go with patterns and colours for more intricate and fun displays.


Plan your food
Finger foods, sandwiches, cakes, sharing boards and platters, you want them all. “Mix up savoury and sweet, that’s how they did it in Victorian times and it worked” Alex advises. “Just remember, keep things simple and you can’t go wrong.” Search the internet for simple sandwich recipes, try a few new things as well, play with flavours and combinations. The important thing is that you get to have everything prepared beforehand.

Don’t forget the tea!
Lots of people have treated the tea element as secondary but they are wrong to do so. Others are throwing in prosecco and gin, but then that’s afternoon tea with drinks. “There’s nothing wrong with a good G&T, but if you’re having a slightly more traditional day, tea is the order that you should care about.”

This means brew pot of tea, or several, and serve with lemon, cream, sugar and milk to accommodate all flavours and tastes for your guests.

Finally, have some fun!
A few parlour games are great but if you wanted to really have some traditional fun, then reading the tea leaves is always a great way to bring the tea party to a perfect point of fun. Use internet guides or grab a book on the art and see what your tea leaves say. It’s a bit of fun but one to top off the day in a relaxed and good spirited way.

If you’re looking for somebody to cater such an event, drop us a line. We have a wide range of experience in throwing a tea party for a wide range of guests and events.