Who doesn’t love great wedding films? From the ones that really inspire you to the ones that make you cry in laughter or pure sympathy at the protagonist, a wedding film is something that we can all treasure and enjoy.

They are naturally the perfect romantic comedy and if you’ve been busy spending all of your time organising the perfect wedding day, they can provide the rest bite you need in all of the preparation madness.

So, what are the five wedding films that can give you some pleasure, a few laughs and even a good hanky moment? Here are 5 of our favourites.

27 Dresses
‘Always the bridesmaid, never the bride’ is the basic premise of this 2008 romantic comedy which sees Katherine Heigl as the caring, always putting first others bridesmaid who, in her own quirky way ends up collecting, and storing each bridesmaid dress.

Secretly in love with her boss, her sister enters the fray and steals him from under her feet whilst her perennial dress collecting becomes the item of a feature article written by roving reporter James Marsden. Things naturally take a wonderful twist.

Father of the bride
The remake is better known today and naturally why wouldn’t it be, after all Steve Martin plays the ever doting, penny counting father whilst Diane Keaton is an easy going effervescent mother of the bride. (True wedding films don’t get more real than this!)

We’ve all seen this in our own families, right? When Annie (Kimberly Williams) returns from a study period abroad, her shock announcement of being engaged sends George Banks (Steve Martin) into a tailspin of emotions. Unable to accept that his little girl has grown up, he is guided by the flamboyant and sometimes unrecognisable Franck (Martin Short) in throwing a wedding to remember with hilarious and heart quenching moments.

A tale of friendship told by an ensemble that would leave any room in stitches. An original script that was conceived by the main protagonist who called in a few friends to help make it a reality.

Asked to be a maid of honour, Annie (Kristen Wigg) is a single woman, penniless and who’s life is in a mess goes through all the rituals associated with being the maid of honour and the expensive ways that accompany it. Fraught with multiple pitfalls along the way, and a rich friend who does everything to undermine her at every turn, Annie finds multiple ways to make a meal of being the chief bridesmaid whilst getting her bride and fellow bridesmaids down the wild road to the wedding.

My Best Friend’s Wedding
There is a part of us that thinks that this should be more of a soft version of “dangerous liaison” however, Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz shine in what is a tale of true love and the green eyed monster juxtaposing in all the right places.

After making a pact with her long term friend, Michael (Dermont Mulroney), Julianne (Julia Roberts) is shocked to hear the surprise news that her best friend is getting married after they had a deal to marry each other if they were still single by age 28. Now, Michael is about to marry the beautiful, young and effervescent Kimberley (Cameron Diaz) whilst also being asked to be a maid of honor. Realising that she loves Michael, Julianne tries everything in her power to stop the wedding from going ahead.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding
This is for all of those who have family from a different part of the world, we all feel what you’re going through.

This 2002 films sees Toula, (Nia Vardalos) the subject of many stereotypes. Unmarried at 30 and working on her own life she meets Ian (John Corbett), a tall, handsome and definitely not Greek teacher. Hilarity ensues when, after they start dating and things turn a little more serious that she introduces Ian to her family; a very Greek family who can’t accept that he is neither greek or a meat eater.