Have you ever come across a party where the menu was really complicated and well, grown up, yet the drink selection was, not as much thought through?

We’ve all been there. Apart from the kids birthdays where sometimes all you’re craving is the fish fingers and you’re dealing with sushi, the drink selection can sometimes leave your mouth asking for a little more adventure.

Grown up parties can then sometimes be a little disappointing, especially for those that love their food and drink. Flavoured water is fine, but sometimes hitting all the flavour combinations between food and drink can really make a good meal great.

So we decided to look at a few party favourite foods and look at what wine pairing you can have, trust us when we say this, you can pair most party food with a great wine!

What kind of party host are you if you don’t have some form of a crisp, fancy or not, to munch on before the main food is ready? A poor one, that is what! All joking aside as a nation we get through 7 billion packets a year so it’s only fair that we give these treats some attention.

Wine Pairing: Pinot Grigio or Cote du Provence
You want something to balance the salt, something that is refreshing, something that can knock the heat out of the spiciest of operators, these two do just that. Chilled, ready to drink they can really balance stronger flavours and the hotter varieties you never knew a crisp could have.

Hot Dogs
Who doesn’t love a hot dog? Whether you’ve made or had catered a great BBQ selection, or you’ve gone all out on the American style water baths, a hot dog is one of the finest party foods that people can get behind. Easy to handle, can be loaded with toppings and is a firm favourite with all ages, especially with adults.

Wine Pairing:
It’s bright and acidic, perfect with onions. Has berry flavours, great for your ketchup or sweet jams and should be served slightly chilled which balances with the temperature of a fresh, hot dog!

Hamburgers moreover… a cheeseburger
We’ve gone all American it seems, but the burger is the king of party food celebrations, especially if the BBQ has been rolled out. So you want to celebrate the burger with the king of drinks as well, a fine wine, but which one? It does depend on what you have with your burger but we’re going for a cheeseburger. You could be adventurous with your cheese selection though, try a soft and mild blue variety for something a little different.

Wine Pairing: Chianti Classico or Montepulciano D’Abruzzo
You want something with a high tannin level which means, the flavour of the wine comes through more. These wines also compliment the big meaty flavour that you’re getting.


Roast Chicken
Whether you are doing something special with the chicken, serving only the legs, or if you really want to go all out, spatchcock and marinade for 24 hours, pairing wine with Chicken has gotten more complicated over the years, or so people think. There are two schools, dark meat (red wines) and light meat (white wines) that’s why we’re going to recommend that the pairing should be the whole chicken as if it were being served for your Sunday roast.

Wine Pairing: Oaked Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling
The first is a traditional pairing, especially if you’re going after something traditional and light. Chardonnay pairs wonderfully with lemon based flavours as well. Sauvignon Blanc works best with meats that have a strong roasted flavour and Riesling, surprisingly works with the darker meats found in the thigh and wings.

Chocolate Cake
A party without cake is just a meeting, as Julia Child once famously quipped, but Julia is right, a party without cake is not a party. We could have chosen a variety of different cakes, but chocolate really does reign supreme on the party front. Whether it is a slice or, a gargantuan segment, you can’t go wrong with this party food.

Wine Pairing:
Cabernet Sauvignon
Lush and rich, a good cabernet sauvignon from warmer climates such as California and Australia goes well with chocolate (especially dark). Cabernets also have a chocolate toastiness to them, try it, you will definitely notice the difference.