Whether you are the first to shout about your birthday or the last one to ever announce it, including the ever-so-casual hiding it from Facebook, having a birthday party could be one of the best things you do all year. Whilst many aren’t fans of the big occasion, it can be a very cathartic moment in your life and an opportunity to spend time with family and friends you may not see all year!

As caterers we know how to throw great birthday party foods and we think we have a good idea on the kinds of food you would want at your birthday celebration to really make the day go down with a real bang.

So, what foods would we recommend and why? Here is our birthday party food guide.

Our sister company, The Yorkshire Deli know a thing or two about pizza. Put simply it is one of the greatest inventions ever made and whilst our Wakefield store can cater and create metre long specialities, we think that pizza done as snacks or main events are the things you want to be looking out for.

From the simple margherita to a heat feast that would blow your tastebuds apart (probably for the more daring and crazy friends) a pizza is the single greatest carrier of flavour you can have at a birthday celebration.


Pasta Bakes
You’d think we’ve gone all Italian with our first two selections but seriously, who doesn’t love a great pasta bake? No one, that’s who! Now, don’t think that this should be a jar of sauce poured over uncooked pasta, that would be just wrong! Think more, macaroni cheese with shaved truffles, lasagne with a herbaceous pesto or a traditional vincisgrassi with wild boar or deer meat as your ragú of choice.

Basically, pasta and your birthday party are a perfect mix, don’t exclude it for some reason to avoid carbs. Carbs are goodness!


From the dainty to the foot long subs, you can not go wrong with a beautiful sandwiches crafted with some real love! Your birthday party would be a massive hit, especially in our hometown of Wakefield if you were to serve a Sunday roast sandwich… that’s right a Sunday roast sandwich filled with beautiful beef, roast carrots, onions and crushed potatoes in a soft barn cake!


Meze & Tapas
One of the new and beautiful trends to come across from the mediterranean in the last decade or so has been the idea behind meze and tapas. Small plates, packed with loads of flavours, continental cheeses, exotic cured meats and fish in oil served on beautiful slices of sourdough or just as a posh buffet… We are very hungry right now!

The beauty with Meze & Tapas is that you can pick and choose so many different things and also, a great birthday drink we all love, prosecco, is the perfect accompaniment with these dishes.


Yorkshire Roast!
What kind of Yorkshire company would we be if we didn’t talk about the Yorkshire Roast! What better way to enjoy your birthday party with a catered Yorkshire feast. Huge, crispy yorkshire puddings, melt in the mouth meats, succulent and punchy gravy and fluffy roast potatoes… what more can you want?

Luckily, because we love our roasts so much, they have become a little party catering feature of ours and we think you should visit our Wakefield store to sample it, if nothing else!