Catering for a winter wedding is not the same as a summer one. Whilst many people prefer the thought that a summer wedding has all of the outside fun that you can enjoy during a celebration, it is of course not the only way to throw your nuptials in style.

Winter weddings have a certain majesty to them, yes, it can be cold and yes, the weather can be a real hit or miss, but when it’s a hit, it’s a day you will never forget. From crystal blue skies to snow capped hill tops, what a winter wedding does is provide its own entertainment that does not fail to impress.

But when it comes to a winter wedding menu there are so many things that we can do to really bring the celebration alive and make it the truly unique experience that it is.

So what are the things that can go on to a menu and really make a difference to your celebrations? Here are some tips.

Hot Drinks
The summer wedding is fraught with the idea of champagne, prosecco or cava. Light bubbly for those that appear at the celebrations in summer gowns and light suits and jackets. But for a winter event, what could be better than to turn up and sample so lovely homemade mulled wine? A spicy winter cocktail or a heated juice?


The starters
This is where a good wedding caterer gets to have fun. Canapés get to be served either hot or cold, but what about dipping sauces? They could be hot, right! Little shots of beef stock gravy for tiny roasties bring out sparks of imagination and playfulness in your menu that a summer time event can sometimes forget.

Also, winter weddings have such an array of meats and fruits that can be harvested and used that any course is going to be a delight to cater. So, what about mains?


The mains
Naturally, the fact that we are in winter time means that we can access lots of different game and hunted for meat as well playing to the crowd with new and subtle foraged herbs and mushrooms. Things like venison and pigeon can be harvested easier and done to create flavoursome main ingredient dishes or pies with lots of body and character.

Wild mushrooms will have benefitted from the summer time growth period and the winter time is a great time to harvest safe, edible varieties. Big, leafy greens and earthy root vegetables like beetroot are in their prime time and need to be treated on the menu like hearty mains, the way they deserve.


The desserts
As a Wakefield based caterer one of the things that we get to enjoy in autumn and winter is the forced rhubarb the ‘Rhubarb Triangle’ brings. Simple crumbles with acidic apples and homemade vanilla laced custards really give something extra to the dessert menu as well as providing another warm comforting dessert feature; custard fountains. We’ve all see chocolate ones, so why not play on the idea with custard and your favourite crumbles and pies?

What about those winter weddings close to Christmas? What about christmas pudding or an indulgent panettone brought in from Milan. What about both? It’s your wedding, you could make it a feast of warm winter desserts.


Things to consider
Naturally, caterers are busy dealing with all sorts of elements, but outdoor winter weddings where power and generators are needed may make logistics a little harder. Ensure that if you are having the event outside you think about back up generators and lots of blankets for guests to keep warm during the meal portion of the day.

Also, this is your day. Your menu is specific to you and what you do with it is your business be sure to work with a caterer that really gets to understand your brief and also can deliver on the new and exotic flavours you may be asking for at your winter wedding feast.