The idea of sticking together some birthday catering can be a daunting task, but what we’ve found over the years is, it’s just a bit of confidence and a few different ideas that can make your birthday party really stand out.

With years of experience in bringing some different ideas to homes all across Wakefield and Yorkshire we thought we would actually keep things simple with a few birthday ideas that you can try at home, or at a catered event space.

American Dreams
Set the playlist to anything American rock, or teen bop… they do it so well. Suddenly, you have the right setting but what about the food? Think burgers, hot dogs, chips, dips and even go full fun with candy floss, popcorn stands and a good old cookies and cheesecake… or a cheesecake cookie hybrid. All you can do is sit back and watch the fun times roll.

Top tip: Go full throttle with an hourly rendition of the American anthem and stick on Jimi Hendrix giving it lots of love on the guitar!


A Spanish feast
Crack out the rioja, don’t be afraid of finger foods and go full flavour with chorizo and beautifully spiced dishes. A spanish feast is all about playing with lots of beautiful flavour combinations and a lack of fear to overfeed your guests. You want patatas bravas, thought out tapas and if you really wanted to bring the fun to the birthday party, how about a paella offering? And yes, we even do that, it’s one of our specialities!

Top Tip: Sangria is your secret weapon, even in winter times you can really make a little, go a long way!


More than Madras
Over the years, our national dish has been a fierce competition of fish and chips, the yorkshire roast and… the loyal curry. Yes our Saturday nights have been fraught with “which curry to have” like every family across the land. But a birthday where pakoras are freshly fried, currys are beautifully spiced and the rice is fluffy the way it is meant to be. Imagine freshly baked naans, lots of lasi and even street treats that make you salivate at the thought!

Top tip: get lots of bowls because once the food starts coming through, no one will put it down.


Mamma Mia!
An Italian birthday is all about food, there is nothing else that matters. Forget the music, it’s about sitting down, back slapping, wine drinking and just enjoying every second when the food is present and being horribly sad when it runs out. Big bowls of pasta (go for gnocchi as a real treat) tomato based sauces/meat/vegetables and obviously, for the ultimate sharing food, pizza! Lasagne and pasta al forno are the real secret weapons! Go for cicchetti to keep the hungry wolves at bay and make your Italian feast one that mamma would be proud of!

Top Tip: Italian desserts are often missed but how can you forget about tiramisu? No, seriously, how can you?!


A thoroughly English fayre
Want something that brings out the best of Britain? Beautifully prepared sandwiches, delicate soft tea serving sizes or go for a feast, fish and chips or the full English roast. Massive pillows of yorkshire puddings should be your friend. Fluffy and crispy potatoes or juicy chips and beer battered cod with mushy peas are all your friends. Look, it’s simple, we have great food here in Britain, and we should celebrate it for a birthday as much as any other cuisine.

Top tip: Go full buffet and give you and the guests a choice!


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