We know that a lot of people like, sorry, love, Gin. Yes, it’s the drink that somehow seems to have taken over the UK in the last five years! Our sister team at the Yorkshire Deli even have a gin selection so vast, it would be hard to not get caught up in the excitement of having one of everything on the menu.

In the spirit then of what gin is, and the kids going back to school and for those that want to just sit down and enjoy the drink in either a traditional or new way, we have created an infographic.

Our infographic is a simple way to see what you can achieve with gin and a few other flavours. Simple samples like the Tom Collins to something more exotic like the Negroni. Our aim is simple, try them, play with botanicals and see what you like.

Remember, as part of our party catering we can offer a fully serviced bar with, naturally, your favourite cocktails! All you need to let us know is – how many should be catering for?

Our Gin Top Tips

We do have some tips for those making gin at home, these include;

  • Use the right glass
    A lot of cocktails need ice whilst more refined finishes like our vesper need to be cold but have no ice in them. This means selecting the right kind of glass is essential. If you need lots of crushed ice, go for a tall design. For single cube or smaller cubes, a wide and short variety works. For a chilled effect, long stem with a wide open top.
  • Play with your tonics
    Certain gins work better with specific tonics. Find serving suggestions on the net or ask your local markets what is the best combination and then, try them!
  • Use fresh fruit & roll it!
    One of the big things that people get wrong is using fruit that isn’t fresh, especially lemons and limes. Stock up and use a good slice to add to the flavour. Our top tip however is to roll any citrus fruit under the palm of your hand over a worktop. It releases so much juice under the skin!
gin infographic